Who would have thought that some of the most basic forms of love, love of self and love of that self’s body, are actually the most revolutionary?
It’s mind-blowing when you think about it.
The exhausting amount of mental, emotional, and spiritual energy it takes to tune out floods of messages that counteract this primal force on every given day is overwhelming.

This is where we come in.

We love you, and ourselves, so much that we have to share our secret to winning the war without having to participate in the battle. More enjoyable that fighting off all of those painful mixed messages from the world, we offer a revolutionary approach to loving our selves and our bodies with ease:

We tune in.

We take the energy that normally extends outward, fighting against the world’s messages of who and what we should be, and instead, turn that energy within to find who and what we know we are, and who we desire to become.

We don’t have to “go deep” to get there. We go within and then listen.

Listen to the wisdom of our bodies.
Listen to what our bodies are telling us about our selves and our lives through the way we feel.

There is no better teacher or authority figure than our own bodies.
They are the most powerful, feeling-centered instruments we have, and they are designed to guide us on our path in life.

If we’re doing something, or thinking something that isn’t aligned with who we are, at the core, we’ll feel it. Our bodies will let us know if something is off course, we just need to tune in to hear it.

Tuning in not only guides us on our path but it also frees us from the constraints of the world. We no longer need to listen to the limitations and expectations of others when our own voice is enough to fill us up.

This form of liberation is what we like to call lyberation.
The “lyb” standing for Love-Your-Body.
Because we know that community has the power to heal, we’re here to guide us all in the process of the lyberation with a heartfelt online expereince.

Starting Monday, September 14, we’ll begin releasing our “Love Your Body” web series.
This series provides a weekly affirmation designed to guide us on the journey of tuning in.
Every Monday we will share a video that sets our intention for the week around a particular word. Our hope is that we can support each other all week long by sharing our experiences on the journey.

As a community, as one of us heals, we all heal.

We are warriors, my friend. Warriors for change. 

-Jill Catherine
Spokesperson, Ophelia's Place
Founder, 44Hearts

Photo Credit: Chris- The Story Photography