Hello, readers!

The 21st is when we reveal our book choice for the next month, usually with the intent of allowing every reader enough time to get their hands on a copy of the book before the first of the month rolls around and we begin reading.

For April, however, the book we will be working through doesn’t come out until April 4. Some libraries have the capability to pre-request books, and pre-ordering from your preferred book supplier should be an option as well.

The book we will be reading is “Every Body Yoga” by Jessamyn Stanley.

While a yoga book isn’t the traditional style of book for a book club, I’d like to think that non-traditional is right in our wheelhouse.

And across of all of Circles of Change, not just the book club, the theme for the month of April will be “Don’t Just Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk.”

Many of us have arrived at a place in our lives where we’ve grown comfortable talking about self-love and accepting our bodies as they are, and to be grateful for what they do, but sometimes, as time speeds up, our days get busier, we find that we’ve become all thought/talk and no action.

Which is why we want to invite everyone to put more of what we talk about into practice, and one of the best ways to make that happen is to practice yoga.

I’ve had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the book and loved that it was full of helpful tools for understanding the origins of yoga and how to create at home sequences, while also connecting the need for yoga in conjunction with stories from Stanley’s life.

This is a women with a distinct voice, who believes that everyone, of all ages, sizes, and abilities can benefit from practice, and that all of those different kinds of bodies deserve to be represented in print.

For me- someone who essentially halted all physical exercise while trying to unpack my feelings about exercise in the wake of finding ways to love my body (what forms of exercise had effectively been self-punishment for me, and what forms actually made me and my body feel good) this book is a wonderful reminder of daring to try what scares us in the hope of finding what heals us.

On April 1 we’ll have more information about our goals for book club for the month, as well as some new challenges to build along side your reading.

What do you think of the book choice? Are you excited for a new adventure?