Meet Natalie Patterson, one of our speakers at the Circles of Change Conference on March 17th-18th in Phoenix, AZ. 

The Circles of Change Conference is about celebrating and inspiring Warriors.  So we feature the voices and stories of many, including one brave 8 year old girl who are transforming the culture and conversation in their own lives, their schools, their workplaces, and throughout the world. We are honored to share their wisdom, their art, and their stories with you. 



Name: Natalie Patterson

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What are you most inspired by at the moment? 

I'm most inspired by the current political climate and the urgency it has created for people to be in action and boldly supporting the things that matter. I'm inspired by intentional action and acts of love.

When did you first know you wanted to do this work? 

I always was fascinated by women speaking their minds. I wanted to be Janet Jackson when I was a little girl because I thought she was such a powerhouse. I suppose it isn't much different than the way people idolize Beyonce now. It wasn't until college and being deeply bored by everything that was expected of me that I re-discovered poetry and let it lead me to this magnificent life I now have.  

We think it’s so important to encourage women and girls to speak up and be heard, to move beyond the fear. How have you been able to move beyond it? 
In my experience fear doesn't go away, I just no longer let it inform my outlook or the way I live. I'm afraid all the time. I know I am challenging myself when I am slightly scared. With poetry and performance, I always weigh what will matter the most and usually it's the poems I'm most scared of saying out loud. And when you are connected to your truth, you know deep down what is next. 

What do you most embrace about yourself? 

As a plus sized woman of color, I work really hard to be loving and kind to my body. I try to keep it all in perspective because at the end of the day cellulite is not an actual issue I should spend time focused on. People are literally dying so comparatively my cellulite is a non-issue. I also work hard to remember that I get to use my voice. That I don't have to be silent. I grant myself permission to exist and take up as much space as I need. 

What does it mean to you to reclaim health? To redefine beauty? To restore your relationship to your body? 

For me it all comes down to Self-LOVE! It always comes back to checking in with myself and asking the tough but necessary questions

- Is this your best?   

- Are you happy? 

- Where is your joy? 

- Who does this serve?

These questions guide me back to my personal truth. And the truth is: I am enough. 


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