Tomorrow, June 2, marks the first Annual Eating Disorders Action Day. The motto this year is #WeDoAct. 200 care organizations and thousands of individuals have come together, to take action on the growing epidemic of eating disorders across the globe.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and are becoming increasingly prevalent. We can not wait any longer to act. The time is now.

100% of the services that Ophelia's Place offers, are not billable, but are crucial to the prevention, support, and treatment of eating disorders in our community and in this country.

That means that these critical support, education, and prevention services are only possible through Ophelia's Place's sustainability efforts and from the support of individuals like you. 100 Warriors are agents of change from all walks of life who choose to take action by turning their financial capital into social capital through supporting the work of Ophelia’s Place on a monthly basis. This is how they are doing their part to create change. This is how they are standing up and saying #WeDoAct.

Our goal is that 100 warriors to give $100-a-month to Ophelia’s Place. We know that some will be able to give above that level, and some will be able to give at a lower level, and all of those people are important to the project. If you can give $5 or $10-a-month your gift makes a difference.

Give Because…

You are fed up with the unrealistic and oppressive ideals of health, beauty, and body

You or anyone you love has struggled with an eating disorder

You have ever felt shame for your body size or shape

You have experienced freedom from this oppression

You believe that everyBody is beautiful

And if you want to believe, but wonder if it’s true

Donate to Ophelia’s Place on a monthly basis, at any level, and become one of our 100 Warriors.
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