They say it takes 21 days to change a habit. That may very well be true, but when it comes to food and the body, the diet industry has taken that language and made it into something harmful, unsustainable, really just another ploy to get your money, tear down your body, and self-esteem. All to create a consumer that will continue to come back time and time again, looking for the silver-bullet to "weight-loss", "health", or "success".

It is time that we called out these schemes for what they really are. They are not about cultivating holistic health, they are not about learning to love your body or live your best life, they are about shaming people into believing their is something wrong with them or their bodies, that only this product, or plan, or secret, can fix.

Let’s take back our 21 days and instead of using them to make a quick-fix, let’s use them to start a revolution. A body revolution. Join us as we set aside the next 21 days to go deeper, to reclaim and redefine for ourselves health, beauty and body, and to begin to love our bodies for the purpose they were intended.

Each of our three weeks will highlight a special theme: Week 1 Health, Week 2 Beauty, Week 3 Body Image

We'll be sharing themed content every day on our Twitter and Instagram accounts meant to start new conversations and to challenge to the preconceived notions we may have about how to live our best lives. We'll also have new blog posts throughout each week. 

Join us in creating a new culture that stands against body shaming and celebrates our bodies as they are and for all that they are capable of doing.