Ever since Ophelias Place was founded 13 years ago, I have dreamed of expanding the organization to AZ.

My passion for help people feel more freedom in their bodies and recognize their beauty is my calling in life, and this last year it has been such an honor for me to make this dream a reality. The feedback we continue to receive has been phenomenal and such a gift to me. The responses have given me so much fuel to continue this work here in AZ.

Well, tomorrow, April 5th, Ophelias Place is taking part in AZ gives big!

The Alliance of Arizona Non-profits founded this event with Arizona Grant-makers Forum. They believe in the economic power and importance of nonprofits, so they created this day to encourage our state to give.

We are hoping to reach our goal of 10,000 dollars in order to take our start up to the next level! Will you join us in raising these necessary fund?

This work is so important. Our body image obsession is wreaking havoc on our lives, it is robbing us of our joy, it is turning into eating disorders, it is affecting our children and future generations, it is killing us.

Thank you for joining us as week seek to integrate back into our bodies, as we start to own our health, as we invite others into a new conversation of a deeper beauty, one that can't be seen but that is felt. 

Learn more about what we are hoping to achieve by visiting our campaign website.