Sometimes you meet people, and in an instant, you know that they are going to change the world. I met Abby Rose on her porch, her blonde curls spilling out across her shoulders as she sips on her still-too-hot coffee, filled with joy so powerful that it is physically palpable. Before the first question, I knew she was one of these women.

AC: You started a new student organization recently. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

AR: I did! Campus Cursive is a branch of the national organization, The World Needs More Love Letters, on a smaller scale. Students from the University are able to nominate their peers to receive a bundle of letters filled with encouragement.

AC: I imagine that would be a joy to receive. How do you see Campus Cursive initiating change on campus?

AR: We are trying to promote a more loving and selfless social norm on campus where everyone knows that they are cared about, by all students, [maybe] not even people that they know directly.

AC: What do you see as your call to action in the Circles of Change movement?

AR: To make any effort possible, even small things, to show that everyone around you is cared for. Do any little thing possible to show others that they matter and that they’re loved, even if we don’t know them directly, they’re loved. We could all use encouragement in our lives and there is almost no better way to feel loved than through hand written letters.

AC: I think we all love to receive mail, probably more than we write it ourselves. Campus Cursive is such a beautiful example of how we can change the conversation from bashing one another to encouraging and empowering each other.

AR: It is! Writing a letter to a stranger that portrays your belief that they have purpose allows you to see the purpose in yourself. If a stranger has purpose, you must too.

AC: Here’s my favorite question: What is one thing you wish you could say to your younger self?

AR: Honestly, I’m pretty happy with the way I was. Everything that I went through led me to where I am right now. All of the ridiculous thing I did were important and they all helped me grow.

AC: I love that response! It encompasses the idea that it is okay to be content with who you were or who you are. Actually, it’s more than okay, it is incredible.

Dear Abby Rose,

  Thank you for your beautiful, courageous heart. You truly are a warrior for change in your community, and every letter that is inspired by or written by Campus Cursive grows Syracuse University as a true community. Your ideas are so valued!

With so much love,

Ophelia’s Plac