Circles of Change has proudly hosted a variety of events of the past few months, from Love Your Body Day events in both Syracuse, NY and Gilbert, AZ, to Soul Circles and Girls’s Night Out. We’ve had an amazing time getting to know you, the extraordinary women who have come to our events, and we’d like to get to know you even more.

As Circles of Change seeks to be a community experience we would like your help in expanding our communities through the stories that our current participants, our game-changers and ground-shakers have to tell.

If you’ve been at a Circles of Change event, been moved by our content, or have started your own changes from the same desire for change how we feel about and talk about our bodies, health, and beauty, we want to hear about it!

How has the message of Circles of Change influenced you? What small changes are you making in your life to change your own culture and conversation with your body? How are you inviting others into it? How are you going deeper, beyond the diet talk and fat-shaming and engaging in authentic conversation about your body and yourself? What does it mean to you that everybody is beautiful?

As with all of our Circles of Change messaging and communication, please be mindful of the messages and language in your communication. Circles of Change is not about dieting, weight-loss, body shaming and does not replace clinical care. It is about empowerment, nurturing positive conversation and cultivating safe community.

Share your story with us and we may feature it in our weekly Circles of Change Blog, introducing you and your story to our larger community, and introducing Circles of Change to your own circles of influence.

Don’t think that you’re a writer? Even if you’ve never written more than a shopping list before, human beings are natural storytellers. And for many people the act of writing about an experience sometimes brings new discoveries and clarity. We will also work with you to make sure that your draft shines before publication.

Ideally we’re looking for submissions between 600 and 800 words with a maximum cap of 1000 words.

If you’d be interested in sharing your story please contact us at

And thanks for being a warrior for change.