Circles of Change is proud to announce that we will be kicking off 2017 with our very own book club!

We want to come together and celebrate literature that offers characters who have, or discover the ability to have, a positive relationship with their body, health, and idea of beauty.

When we see ourselves or people we would like to aspire to be in the books that we read we’re looking at potential blueprint for how we can model our own actions.

In our book club we offer books that allow the reader to see that there are alternatives to self-hate and the unrealistic beauty standards most often presented in the media, while inviting them to discuss the content on a local and global scale. These conversations allow readers to reclaim their health, redefine beauty, and restore their relationships with their bodies.

The books selected may span a range of genres with a potential leaning toward YA books overall as the genre is inclusive for teen readers, but engaging and still appropriate for adult readers as well.

Each month there will be four questions about the book to be discussed on dates specified in advance.

On an international level readers will be invited to share their thoughts on the questions provided on the Circles of Change Instagram account

On a local level we encourage readers to get together in person to discuss not only the questions we have provided, but to discuss the questions and thoughts that you come up as your read the book. Those who sign up to lead an in-person COC book club will receive a welcome tote and items to hand out to their club members. Sign up on our website will be open starting January 1.


Our very first book club book is: Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven
You may recognize the title as one of our selections for "Books We Love" in the Autumn issue of BLOOM.


-Book selection for the following month will be announced on the 21st of each month, allowing for ample time to request the book from the library or buy the book.

-On the first of each month the four book club questions will be made available on the blog.

-Questions will be posted individually on Instagram each Wednesday and one additional day TBD during the last three weeks of the month.

-On those Wednesdays the questions will be open for discussion all day long, but a COC moderator will be joining the discussion in a two hour-session, with time announced in the post’s caption.

The Instagram questions will be rolled out starting in the second week of each month, with two questions in the final week. The questions will take the chronological order of the book into consideration so that slower readers have time without spoiling content.

Without sharing our discussion questions prior to the first, here is a preview of what our sharing format will look like on January 1:

HUTU questions v1.png



If you have any questions let us know! Comment below or on our Instagram.


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