I look at these words constantly. I have one on my mirror, one above my desk, one in the bathroom in our office, and I will relentlessly put them in every Wegmans bathroom I step foot into, no matter how many times they are taken down.
But do I really know what they mean? Do I really know what power exists in these words? Do I think, for even a minute, how I would treat friends, strangers, and lovers differently if I understood this truth?

EveryBody is beautiful.

Everybody, as in everyone I see, and meet, love and hate, barely notice and can’t take my eyes off of, is beautiful.

Every body, as in every single body, of every ability, every size, every shape, every color, every gender, every sexual orientation, at every stage of its existence, is beautiful.

EveryBody is, as in it is not a question, not up for debate or discussion. As in exists, belongs, occupies time and space. As in having an identity, a form, and a purpose not because of what it does or produces, but just because it is.

EveryBody is Beautiful. As in wonderful and pleasing to the eye. As in the combination of all the qualities of a person that cause delight. As in inherently worthy and valuable. As in unique and exquisite. As in deserving of being pulled in tight and held close.

EveryBody is beautiful and cherished, glorious, and filled with potential. Everybody deserves to be known and loved. EveryBody deserves to know they are beautiful.

About the Author: Gillian McGann could not be more in love with or passionate about the mission of Circles of Change. She is currently serving as the Director of Ophelia's Place where she is constantly in awe of the incredible women she gets to work with, and the blessing it is to be in love with what you do. Her advice: there are two things it is always time for: dancing and popcorn.