Cafe at 407 is kicking off a “Food and Music Series”: a series of evenings meant to nourish body and soul with inspired pairings of local fare and local performers. 

Come enjoy a harmony of experiences for all five of your senses as your enjoy a three course meal tailored around each evening’s musical performance.
Vegetarian options are available.
We’ve got the stemware and glasses, you bring your preferred beverage for the evening.

September 18 

John Lennon/The Beatles performed by Miss E
Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac performed by The Mix Tapes

October 16 

Bonnie Raitt performed by Maureen Henesey and Paul Becerra
Billy Joel performed by Mike Place 

November 13  

Paul McCartney and The Beatles performed by Bob Halligan, Jr.

Tickets are available here