What's the link between the Ophelia’s Place mission and a day out on the golf course?
It's not only the our event that makes the connection, it's so much more.

Golfers get away to the course to enjoy the beauty of the weather, the course and the game. At Ophelia’s Place, we celebrate everything that's beautiful.

When you're out on the Timber Banks course on Wednesday, Sept. 23, take every moment you can to enjoy the company you're in and soak in the pure beauty of the nature around you.

Although a torment to some golfers -- the rough has a rare beauty. The sand traps, again not a friend to any golfer, but if you land in them, you may find yourself learning something new about your ability and maybe even increase your patience.

No matter what aspects of genuine beauty you come across, you will be a part of Circles of Change.

Change the conversations you have on the course -- talk about the peace and serenity you're experiencing and express the gratitude you feel when having the opportunity to be on the links on a gorgeous day.

The course and this event wants you to come as you are. 

Your golf scorecard is just a number, it doesn't measure your intelligence, strength, beauty or worth.

Think of each hole as a chance to make change around you. Every stroke is an opportunity to go farther and every shot made is a sign that you have come full circle.

Hats off to those that make it to the green and those who come to realize just how beautiful a bogey really can be.


About the author: Farah Jadran is a proud board member of Ophelia’s Place and a reporter at NewsChannel 9 in Syracuse.