Circles of Change is all about changing the culture and conversation surrounding health, beauty and our bodies. It can seem like a daunting task, particularly when diets, weight loss, and body bashing seem to dominate and fill in so much of our conversations. But over the course of the past 12+ years that we’ve been doing this work, we’ve learned a thing or two, and that is change must first start within ourselves. Then, it can move outward into our circles of influence.

When I think about this movement, I’m constantly brought back to my own relationship with my body, and how I define health and beauty. I check in with myself all day long and tune into the sensations in my body, so I can get clarity on my truth, my voice, my knowing, my unknowing. That way, when I express myself out in the world, I’m not just being “mindful” of the language I’m using as I speak, but also the language or the energy of my body.

Changing conversation does include paying attention to our words and thoughts, and it also means tuning into how we feel. Our bodies converse all day long with ourselves and with other people. So often though, we are too busy filling in the gaps that we can’t hear what our body is telling us, and what we are telling others.

As each one of us begins to listen within and create our own definitions for these topics, change among the whole inevitably follows because we are the ones who populate our communities and contribute to our culture. As we change, as we heal, one by one, so shall others, as we are inextricably connected, woven together through a collective consciousness.

So I ask you: What are you adding to conversation, and therefore to our society’s view of healthy, beauty, and body? Are you liberating yourself, so you can liberate others?

It is always our choice to be had. The only problem is that we have forgotten we have a choice.

Choose you, and let’s continue to grow our Circles of Change community.