Carolyn Hodges Chaffee, owner and director of Upstate New York Eating Disorder Services has co-authored a new book that is set to change the way eating disorder behaviors are treated. “Measuring Health From the Inside” details the success of two innovative methods of treatment: Metabolic Testing and Body Composition Analysis. 

Chaffee and co-author Anika Khan have been using these methods in their own practices and now want to share their important knowledge with clinicians and family members of those struggling with eating disorder behavior. “It is our hope that by writing this book, clinicians will become more familiar with the testing and incorporate it as part of their standard of care”

Recently, MaryEllen Clausen wrote a blog post on her website sharing her personal view on the book:

"You can't do anything different, until you see it differently."

It was from that lens that changed how I responded to my daughters eating disorders. My family was no longer navigating this disease in the dark. We could see beyond the shame, stigma and the scale. Measuring Health From The Inside is a profound book that will forever change how we see and treat this devastating disease.  This book reveals the truth about our bodies' needs and invites us to be part of the healing and recovery process. Measuring Health From The Inside is for... everyBODY. 

I wrote the above book review for my friend, mentor and fellow Circles of Change Warrior, Carolyn Hodges-Chaffee, co-author of this future New York Times Best Seller.

5 years after initial diagnosis, two daughters, countless doctors appointments, repeated emergency room visits, several intensive care stays, months of residential programs, a start of a non-profit and tens of thousands of dollars later… I met Carolyn, founder of Upstate New York Eating Disorder Service.  She saved my life and the life of my daughters. I know that sounds so dramatic, but it’s the truth. Her program became the key that opened the doors to a greater understanding of the truths about eating disorders.  UNYED organized the chaos and simplified the complexities without minimizing the struggle.  They provided case management, following my daughters through the full continuum of care.  They provided the science that helped us to understand the full effects of this disease.  I could hear from them the truths instead of being fooled by the lies of the eating disorder.  The metabolic profiling and body comp analysis provided the tools we all needed for recovery.  The truth everyBODY needs to know.  

Carolyn has seen first hand the hardships families endure with this all consuming disease; it’s what has brought forth her extraordinary work.  She is deeply humble in a superhero kind of way - confident with a laser focus on healing and recovery. 

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Join Ophelia’s Place and Carolyn Hodges Chaffee for a special book launch at Cafe at 407, at 407 Tulip Street, Liverpool, NY, on November 27, from 5-7 P.M. Chaffee will be signing books and $5 from every book purchased at the event will go to Ophelia’s Place. 

We invite everyone who has been a part of the Ophelia’s Place community, or would like to be a part of the community to come together to celebrate this new chapter of hope in treating eating disorders.

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